Xmas, come and gone. A nice quiet day with the kids, unwrapping of presents and some playing with food. Like a traditional Dutch Christmas Bread, made with sourdough instead of yeast (brilliant!). Or some simple almond cookies, upcycled for an afternoon snack. No fancy dinner, just some home made pizza with prawns and Xmas ham. More time for playing board games with the kids. 
 New Years Day, drinks&nibbles on the deck with friends. Heaps of kids running around, hanging out in the tree house, racing down on the new slide (more on that later).
Tim decided we needed a watermelon monster to feed all these kids.
 With family far away, technology is a great way to stay in touch.
The dragon, we see him/her hanging around at least once a day. Tim is calling him his friend.
Playing chess
11 months, little boy is getting tall. Walking aided and some little solo steps.
By now 15 weeks into pregnancy #4, all is going well.
We brought it the first load today. Pumpkin anyone?

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