Fancy porridge

After all those very hot days and nights, we getting a bit of a reprieve with overcast “colder” days. Those everywhere else on the world will laugh their socks of when I say we were all cold this morning, donning jumpers and socks. It was 20C degrees….
A nice warming bowl of porridge sounded like a great idea. I’ve been trialling some variations on the basic porridge, like the porridge buffet (link).

This new variation has become a favourite, I call it my fancy porridge. Recipe greatly depends on your pantry, with mine it looks like this:
- Whole rolled organic oats cooked in coconut milk/cream/oil and or whole milk (or any other milk you like to use, almond milk would be great)
- A couple of spoons of raw organic cocoa powder
- A handful of sunflower seeds
- A couple of spoons of chia seeds

Soak overnight if you’re organised, bring the lot slowly to a boil.
When cooked through add some fresh fruit, today we had blueberries on hand and threw in some dried cranberries for colour. A little drip of maple syrup to counterbalance the bitterness of the cocoa. To top it of I found some shaved almonds and coconut flakes in the fridge.

Any suggestions for other things to add to the mix?

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