Mid Summer Harvest

Harvesting our dinner. The corn has been amazing, so were the rockmelons and the cucumbers. Too bad I’m not organised enough to make sure we have a continuous harvest for months. That is other then the beans, silver beet, zucchini, beetroot, spring onions and tomatoes. And eggs, the chooks are consisted even on very hot days.
We’ve been picking Roma tomatoes by the bucket, many get eaten fresh, the rest ends up in the tomato soup. And capsicums, there are so many capsicums growing, just brilliant.
 Eating the tomatoes straight from the vine. Another tomato monster.
It’s been hot, very hot, the garden is coping well. Only the wild pumpkin patch looks pretty sad by the end of the day, won’t be much longer before I’ll be able to bring them in. The good thing of drooping vines is that you can finally see what is growing underneath. I quickly counted 15 serious sized pumpkins, we’ve had a couple already and they were fantastic.
Oven roasted in coconut oil, taste doesn’t get better then that…

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