Celebrating 4 years of breastfeeding

Tim, three days old
A bit more intimate post, look the other way if you’re prudent. I’m proud to say that I’m celebrating 4 years of breastfeeding!
Rock climbing on Mount Arapiles (Tim)
I could almost rewrite Johnny Cash’s song “I’ve been Everywhere” to “I’ve Fed Everywhere”. Planes, trains, cars, bus, ferry, subway, beach, bath, coffee shop, restaurants, pools, national parks, on the top of a cliff face, hotels, backpacking,... I’ve fed everywhere, man. 
Tim fed up to his first birthday, took his first steps and was no longer interested in breastmilk.
 Sophie, fed up to 15 months, started walking and stopped being interested.
Alex fed day-and-night every 2 hours for his first 10 months. Then stopped all together at 11 months when he started walking.
David is still feeding at 10 months (he is actually feeding while I write this), I suspect my time as a breastfeeding mum might soon be coming to an end. I’ll miss the beauty of it.

I’ve never considered bottle feeding, other then a last resort. I’m too lazy to get up in the middle of the night to fix up bottles, drag big bags with bottles around, sterilising, having to ask stewards or waiters to heat up bottles then having to wait 10 minutes with a screaming baby, no thank you, I like my sanity.
Camping in a tent and bottle feeding? I don’t think so. Nope very lazy...
And the cost of it, the money I have “saved”, around $1500 for every year, would be enough for a great holiday! All the antibodies and extra nutrients I’ve given them (500 calories a day), the bonding. Yes, I highly recommend it.


  1. Celebrating 21 years of breastfeeding here:)
    Baby is 17mths and still feeding, still interested, possibly the longest I've feed for with her come to think of it

    1. Well done Erin, that is serious commitment!


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