This weekend we managed to get the last holes dug with a little help with the neighbours and their tractor. We also managed the fill up 8 of those holes with concrete, ready to support the fence, deck and balustrade. Mixing up 900kg of concrete, hauling around bags and filling up holes, who needs a gym?
And I’ve got a whole garden bed planted out again. Looking forward to even more tomatoes, fresh beans, melons, cucumbers, flowers and lots more herbs
Then there is always the mowing, washing, cleaning, cooking,... I might have mumbled some expletives when David woke up at 2:30 this night, took a long time to get him settled again. I woke up in a sleeping bag on the floor this morning, well if it helps... And it ends in a day where you feel like you’re yelling at everyone. You sort out one child, while another runs of with a jar of choc-hazelnut spread. Putting out fires all day.
So today I’m a little tired, after doing my monthly supermarket round and put two little boys in bed, I took some down time before firing up the ovens again.
And that dog I mentioned in last post? Tyson the gentle giant, or Great Shepherd as this crossbreed is know as, gotten himself a new home. He’s a little tired from all the brushing and cuddles he has to “endure”, but has settled in very well. He needs training, after having spend 2 years in a kennel, he can do with it. Well, I better go, I’ve got granola to bag, laundry to fold and a dog to walk to the bus stop, before the whole evening routines starts!

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