For the last couple of months I’ve been going through every cupboard, drawer, build-in,... Sorting through. Reorganising the toy box, puzzles, clothing, books and linens. With the change to autumn this week all the kids clothes got sorted. Bags and bags of clothes where donated. Too small or not our style (I’ve been given so much hand-me-downs by generous friends). Things hardly played with, gone. Taking it little by little, but it’s feeling great!
And then I got to the kitchen...
Home grown bananas, not the prettiest, but taste wise don’t compare to anything else! The whole bunch (+/-100 bananas) ripens up within one week...
My freezers are full, my fridge is crammed to the max, trying to fit in last night chicken korma almost needs an uni degree in engineering. My pantry is so full it’s overflowing into the laundry room (mostly business related, but still). My shopping list is an unorganised mess that got me there in the first place. There was a time where I would stock up every couple of weeks, there was a time I would even go once a month. But once you start dropping the ball, you have to go in to pick up the necessities you forgot, and while you’re there... To my defence, there is no waste. Nothing wrong with a full pantry with things that get used, but I’m starting to feel a little greedy. 

No more shopping for the rest of the month. Panic! No shops at all? A little drastic. Thats one way to shake things up. How are you going to manage... Shouldn’t you do that at the beginning of the month, maybe next month? Well, nothing better then the present. It only hurts, because you’re changing (for the better).

- Ends on the 1st of April, almost 4 full weeks.
- Medication is exempt.
- 1 halfway stock up on fresh fruit, milk and vegetables.

Anyone that wants to join in, even for a week. Comment below, let me know how you go.

And those gorgeous homegrown bananas you see? This is about 2/3 left of the bunch. Smoothies, pancakes, baking, porridge sweeter, lunch boxes, snacks and dessert. No hardship.
Yesterday evening, after taking this photo, I peeled half of the most ripe ones and stuck them in bags in the freezer (no wonder my freezer is so full!). Defrosted they can go through cake batter. Frozen, they make the best chocolate ice-cream or frozen yoghurt!

Chocolate ice-cream or mousse:
3 (frozen) bananas, 2 tablespoons cocoa, handful of macadamias, a splash of (coconut)cream and a pinch of salt. In the blender until smooth. 

Frozen, put it back in the freezer for another hour for a firmer ice-cream. Chocolate sprinkles and a couple of macadamias are a nice touch.
Defrosted, serve the mousse with fresh berries or pear. It was a huge hit with the kids. No nasties.


  1. Love hearing how your de-cluttering is going.
    Well I'm easily in, have been only shopping once a month for 12 years now, exempting the greengrocers for fresh fruit, veg, bread and milk. You can do it, encouraging you. Need some tips?

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. Where I probably go wrong is that I need different things from different shops, so it gets spread out in lots of little sessions. I would love to get some tips from a pro.


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