Third child nursery

First baby generally gets a beauty of a nursery, painted for the occasion, matching sheets, filled with freshly laundered baby clothes, soft toys and little pictures to cheer up the room.
We were living in a rental property and other then a crib and a change table we went for simple (picture above), but still...

Baby #3, Alex, just as special, is stuck in the living room.
He could have a nursery, but it would be on the other side of the house, I couldn't do it.
So he has slept in his Moses basket on my night stand for the first two months, until he got to big for that. Then slept in his little cot at the feet of our bed until it got too cold. So now he sleeps in the middle of our living room, next to our bedroom and warmed by the wood fire. During the day it can be quite nosy with two older siblings chasing each other, awake he likes the company, asleep he's oblivious to it all. I think he likes the closeness more then the pretty pictures.

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