When it comes down to kids toys, we cover the basics: books, puzzles, building blocks, wooden train set, a farm set. Other then some craft stuff, finger puppets, stick horses and colour in books, that's about it. A lot of them are second hand or hand-me-downs. No batteries involved and with an exception for Lego, no plastic.
Who thinks deprived childhood? Raise your hand.

I see them playing outside most of the time: running, climbing, riding their bikes, playing with sticks and stones and laying on their tummy following bugs. 
Tim is forever digging up worms, checking out beetles, following lizards and playing with frogs. 
I can hear them now, out in the garden snacking on sugar snaps and tomatoes, counting the eggs the chooks have laid today, having another swing in the hammock and picking flowers.
Must be me, but it's sounds like a lot more fun then another battery operated sing-a-long toy.

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