Lunch box

The kids's lunch and snacks boxes for school.
Home baked bread, some fruit and veggies, just whatever we have in season.
And a snack, whatever got baked that week, for the three 'o clock hunger pangs.
Yoghurt and soup we've tried, too messy. Wraps and sushi are very well loved, but not really an option without a school fridge. So sandwiches it is.

Sander also brings a lunch box to work, last week he forgot his in all the morning turmoil, for a change he ended up having to buy lunch.
$14 for two double sandwiches, I can bake a lot of bread for that!
(Says the frugal Dutchwoman in me)


  1. Yoghurt can be messy for little ones...but a tip for the future - add frozen berries to keep the yoghurt cold! Another thing we make (when we all get sick and tired of sandwiches) is little fritters (I could even call them savory pikelets) with creamed corn and whatever else takes our fancy. $14 for sandwiches - ouch!!!!! Another lunch box favourite here is rice paper rolls - but they aren't quick to whip up.

  2. Thanks for the tips.
    Rice paper rolls, jummo, I'll sure be making them for this weekends lunch.


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