27 weeks pregnant

My pregnancy is going very well. There is lots of kicking and that the baby likes to stay low. It makes it much easier to keep your balance and stay active.

For the last week we had my parents over. Since we said goodbye in Darwin three weeks ago, they drove some 7000km. They could do sure do with a break, but they haven't sit still much and have been a great help. My dad is a handy man and on the second day he discovered Sanders tool box. We have gates and more fence in the garden and lots of little of other things that now hang or slide. While my mum found lots of other things that needed repair, cleaning or a needle. Tim thought it was great having so much people to entertain and for me it was almost a holiday not having to run after Tim all day by myself. It gave me lots of time to entertain myself in the kitchen and try out all these new recipes.
But not only Tim thought it was nice to entertain our guests, so did the wildlife in the garden. The pythons gave a new show together and Youp showed he is worth his keep. He started barking and when I had a look what it was a big 1.5m Brown shot past just before my feet. It sure gave me a fright and we saw it time after time for the next couple of hours. I didn't trusted it to be a harmless tree snake and made a picture of it and sended it of to some friends. They all came back with the same answer: looks like a Brown, keep your distance (the Brown Snake is after the Inland Taipan the most venomous snake in the world).
Our chooks didn't take up that advice and were having a go at it (big worm, jummie!). Only when the snake came up and wanted to have a go at the chook, the chook backed of and got out of harms way. Only to have another chook giving it a try a couple minutes later!
I am happy (and amazed) to tell you we still have six chooks...
Once again, we asked our neighbour for help since it didn't look that the snake was going away. He was planning on relocating the snake, but as soon as he entered the garden the snake shot of towards him, the only thing left was to pin it down very quickly. The snake started behaving very aggressive and when it didn't saw a way out anymore he bit himself. My dad ended it by chopping its head of with another shovel. I'm no fan of killing snakes, but I was happy to see this creep go. My parents sure have a story to tell back home!

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  1. jullie maken nog wel eens wat mee daar! gelukkig loopt het altijd goed af. ik kan me niets voorstellen bij slangen in de tuin, behalve die groene tuinslang van gardena....! Ik vind het steeds weer leuk om updates te lezen. Zeker de foto met je mooie buik en de foto van Tim met zijn mooie handtas in de vorm van een beer.



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