Kisses from baby

Every pregnancy is different, this baby likes to stay low, which is fine with me because it makes it much easier for me. Although my midwife had a different opinion and was a bit worried that is was to low and might not be growing like it should. I don't like concerned midwifes (who does?!) especially when Sanders and my GP's conclusion is the same: 27 weeks is 27 cm uterus, not 23cm. No need to worry because baby is very active and has a perfect heartbeat, but still...
So we decided to have another ultrasound (any excuse to have another peek). I'm happy we did, baby is doing great and is growing perfectly. Just a bit stubborn and likes mums wide hips to hide in. Looks like this baby is going to be an even bigger flirt then Tim. Blowing kisses to the camera already!

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