Hello 2016! My list.

We always start the year with a New Years Party, a very casual gathering with friends and neighbours. I love the Australian way of partying, everybody brings a esky and a plate along, making it very easy for the hosts to kick back as well. Bobbing in the pool surrounded with great people is a great way to start the year!
Our kids find, it isn’t a party without a watermelon monster... And seeing a similar photo from last year, and the year before, we come full circle again, a new year full of promises and surprises.

Reading around, it got me thinking again about all these new year resolutions. Always a good idea to take stock of your life, especially when its Winter and you have time to ponder on all these meaningful thoughts by a wood fire during all those long, dark nights.

Well, it’s Summer here, by now it’s the 11th of January. And I’m too busy working my evening in the garden and fire is the last thing I need with predictions of 37 degrees.
And... I’ve decided I don’t do resolutions, they make it sound like a to-do list. Believe me, I’ve got more then enough of those and there are plenty of days that I feel I’m adding more then crossing out as accomplished...
Then it’s mostly about things not to do (smoking, sugar, grain,...), or beating yourself up on all those things you don’t like about yourself (weight, arms, tummy, brain,...)

Instead, while scooping away mulch, I’ve made a list of things that make me happy, make me feel accomplished and that help me focus on the things that matter. Being kind to yourself and acknowledging that you are strong and smart and beautiful as you are. Being much more then your looks. Looks don’t show kindness, passion and creativity. A dress size doesn’t tell you how strong you are when things matter.

So for me, these are gentle reminders of how I could make the most of this year, as a happy person, who is busy with her young children but looks after herself as well.
Although it feels scary to share, here we go.

Family: go out and explore
Love: babysitters!
Children: reading books together often, the world is so much more fun with imagination.
Projects: a deck around the pool, mr handyman needs to be physical to empty his head of work.
Work: develop a new granola for Autumn/Winter, the creative process gets you buzzing.
Do another market, just for the kick.
Garden: keep planting and weeding, you love to have your hands in the soil, keeping you grounded. Sort seeds for inspiration.
Sewing: baby quilts for new cousins, the colours and creativity keep you happy and entertained in winter.
Health: keep working on the balance, aim for flow. Try out new (cardio) programs to get the endorphins bouncing, you have to really like it to keep going and for it to work. BodyBalance keeps you sane, sugar makes you cranky.
Finance: your budget works wonders and is a piece of art, talk to the accountant and financial advisor to make those savings go even further.
Kitchen: Spice up your life. Keep working on your knowledge and experiments with all these beautiful spices. It makes cooking magic.
Challenges: learn the dog a new commands, learn a new song for the flute, keep your phone is your bag during the day unless it makes noises, finish the curtains, empty the desk.
Thoughts: Unless you become a criminal, there is no need for guilt. You’re a great person, making the most of life.

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  1. What a lovely list. I'm especially excited to see 'develop a new granola' on it. ;-)


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