Camping, you love it, you hate it. 
After all why would you leave your perfectly fine house, to live like a vagrant. 
Leaving behind the comforts of your own bed, kitchen, toilet and washing machine... 
Setting up your tent in pouring down rain
We love the solitude, being surrounded by nature, without the distractions of modern life.

Away from all the day-to-day jobs and projects, time for games.
With new friends
Just being
 Simple meals
 Hanging out in trees
Learning new tricks
Bellinger River
And new words
Finding new gems
Urunga boardwalk
Coffs Harbour, botanical gardens
Hungry Head, lookout
Sawtell Pool
New challenges
Lots of sleep, holidays are hard work

But making it home before the storms hit. 

Coming home is so much sweeter after a week of “roughing it”. 
A real bed, roof and kitchen. Bliss...


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