Winter is...

Native trees in flower. On a sunny day the air is vibrating with buzzing bees, and piercing squawks from gorging birds.
Making the most of the apple season.  
Huge pots of apple sauce to be canned and frozen for the granola business. 
Citrus everywhere
Two garden beds back on track
Lots of fresh herbs, lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, just about every kind of pea and who knows what else.
(kids helped planting, they got very excited with all the little bags with seeds)
Still a lot of work to be done... 
Moody foggy mornings, it’s been pretty wet so far.
Perfect for those moody, cold mornings. Power porridge for a healthy, warm and spiced start of the day. Still tinkering with the recipe, hopefully soon a new product for the farmers market.
With lots of fresh local nuts around, the kids are happily cracking their own snacks.
Chilli’s and capsicums are still going! These JalapeƱos are ready to be pickled.
Grafton under a doona of clouds
Bottlebrushes (Callistemon), every colour, patiently waiting for it’s turn


  1. We do have beautiful winters. Your Power Porridge is looking good. Sounds like your Market plans are proceeding well.

  2. Look at your gorgeous pictures!:)

  3. Those apples look delicious! Great pictures, thanks for sharing.


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