Backpacking in Thailand - part 3: Khao Sok

Our next destination is Khao Sok National Park, once more we charter a long-tail boat and get dropped of in the centre of Krabi. The wonderful way things work: we hop out of the boat and ask for directions to the busstation, before we know it we’ve arranged a little van to take us to our destination. No local busses with multiple stopovers, a ride to the accommodation of our choice. Traveling with a bigger group isn't a hassle, it actually makes things a lot easier when arranging accommodation or transport, you have the numbers to fill a bus or boat and are able to make good deal for multiple rooms.

Well... treehouses in our case. Those staying along the river have to deal with a very cheeky monkey that steals your shoes during the night... While the treehouses set back into the jungle get to deal with the results of prolonged rain: insects start to drown and come up for higher ground. The kids both wake up in the middle of the night covered in ants, biting every step on their way. We end up making a moat of insect spray around the biggest bed and hope to catch some peaceful sleep.

Well, it's the jungle, it's wet, it rains a lot, but all those beautiful plants are thriving and everything is oh so green (other then the river). The "youngsters" go tubing down the river, drinking more river water then the anticipated beer. And sign up for a gruelling jungle trek.
Activities once again get alternated with Thai massages
And going out for dinner. Thai food, what is not to love...

Time goes way to quick and before we know it, it's time to say goodbye again. A very sad moment indeed, it will be a while before the kids see their extended family again.
While the rest of the family hops on the bus to Surrathani for the night train back to Bangkok, we get ready to hike to the main road to hail a local bus to Phuket for the final days of our holiday.

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