Backpacking in Thailand - Part 2: Tonsai Beach

Tonsai Beach, a nice secluded beach, unknown by most tourists, but a mecca for rock climbers.
So, how do you get there?
 Take a night train from Bangkok to Surathani, 14 hours is better spend sleeping.
Then, take a bus to Krabi, don't be surprised when you get shuffled into another bus every 15 minutes, but three hours later you'll be there.
Next challenge is to find a bus that will take you to the pier of Ao Nang.
Charter a longtail boat to bring you to Tonsai, if unlucky, try to make it to Railay Beach and hike the 20 minutes through the jungle over the mountain. Be sure to make it there with high tide, low tide will get you wading through waist deep water for 200 meters, remember backpacks are sure easier then suitcases when you're also carrying two kids...
The 20minute boat trip is very enjoyable on a calm sea, okay the boat is a bit noisy, but the view very much makes up for it.
You're there, well almost, next step: accommodation, since online reservations aren't an option. 
We were there in low season and easily found 5 bungalows very cheaply.

Aren't they sweet together? Tineke & Frank and Janneke & Bram. 
Very relieved to finally be there.
Even though the showers only run cold, they are fabulous.
With the first beers being poured, the quiet and some food, we start to wind down. 
Listening to the lapping of the waves, a nice dinner outside, under the trees. 
Looking out on a beach softly lighted by the moon.
Backpacking might be basic, but seven babysitters are a huge luxury.
Most of the day, the kids play in the gentle waves, or make sandcastles on the beach.
While the adults have a go at rock climbing, meet my youngest sister Lisa.
We organise a little island hopping, snorkel trip with one of the locals.
Tim is keen, very keen and a natural.
A postcard
Our favourite breakfast spot, the monkeys are very cheeky. With all the huts being open for ventilation it’s easy for them to get in the kitchen. You'll hear a clatter of pans, a scream and out they go again, followed by a very cranky looking cook with a catapult.
Sander, very happy between fellow monkeys.
The atmosphere is very relaxed, you still hear a lot of Bob Marley around here, the locals are so friendly. The kids have some local kids to play with, it's like a small village where everyone keeps an eye out for each other.
Meet Fon, the local barista.
Sophie and Opa Paul, thick as thieves.
Playing volleyball with the locals.
After a great week and a very warm farewell, we're of again. In for another day of traveling, next stop Khao Sok National Park.

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