Choco spread

The stuff they push as choco spread in the shops. Way to sweet and milky for my taste and what is it with that whole ad campaign that it the healthy choice for breakfast?!?!

Having said that, when I came across this recipe (link) it looked there is still hope.
Dark choco spread:
2 parts virgin coconut oil
2 parts good quality cocao
1 part runny honey and/or maple syrup (golden syrup will do too)

Coconut oil gets solidifies when cold, just heat it up a little bit in a saucepan and it quickly becomes liquid again. Stir through the other ingredients, adjust if needed to desired taste. Pour in a jar and let it cool down until it becomes solid again. That’s all.

Nice of a piece of toast, works good for icing cupcakes, or to stick together two boring biscuits.

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