A cup of tea, personal blend

I love herbal teas. I rarely drink black tea, mostly because first my tea is too hot, only to find it back later, cold and awfully bitter. Herbal teas and Rooibos don’t get bitter when cold.
A while ago we got fancy and ordered some loose leaf tea, now that’s different! It’s very hard to go back to the powered, inferior quality found in tea bag. But there is not that much loose leaf tea to be found were we live, ordering over the internet is an option, but postage costs made it too expensive for everyday tea.

Since I’m making so much from scratch already, why not my own herbals teas?
I’ve been experimenting a bit with different spices and quantities.
My favourite is this one:
Ginger, Cinnamon, Star Anise, Cardamon, Cloves, Peppercorns and Cumin.
I peel the ginger and chop it up with the cinnamon and star anise in rough bits, then add the rest.
Don’t put it in a closed jar when using fresh ginger, I make a batch large enough to last the week.

I might try to add some orange peel, or for summer some lemongrass, endless possibilities.

I did find some green tea leaves locally, see if I can team them up with some of the flowers I’ve got growing.

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