In action

You would think having a holiday is about resting, not for the Van der Vlists! Last week was a serious attempt to decimate our to-do-list.
Half of the house has been painted, it has made such a difference, I associated the previous colour with “smokers yellow”...

Look! It’s the cadagi killer... Another one down, still 6 to go.
Yes we do love trees, but love the bees more. This type of tree has been planted extensively in the area in the last 40 years being a hardy, quick growing shade tree. But it’s pollen kills of the native bees hence finding it on councils black list.
Baking cookies
All pitching in.

We lost another hen to being egg bound, I found her when she was just passing away. What to do? A would feel like a hypocrite tossing her in the bin and then going to the butcher to buy chicken breasts. She was good for three meals.

Oh how the local wildlife enjoys my attempts on gardening

We’re on to woodpile #2

Pulling Fireweed, a never-ending-story, but we’re getting there.

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