Last week in Leeton

Like the real dare devil he is, head first...

Starting to tackle climbing walls with the support of Sander

We have already our 5th and final week in Leeton, next weekend we move over to Narrandera 20min. from here.

We have had a lot of rain, but after a drought of 10 years, I didn't here anyone complain about it... It's still Winter here and most days the temperature stays around the 12 degrees. This area is famous for it's orange juice and rice. And lucky for us, the citrus fruits are being harvest right now, yummie! There are so many Italians in this area, so great restaurants, cute little coffee shops and delicacy stores. Most mornings we'll go for quick shot at the local coffee shop before Sander starts work.
A lot is organised for the kids, we visit a play group almost every day and you'll find us a lot in the library. It's warming to see that even our short stay here, that we have met so many lovely people and will leaving with fond memories.

Sander has worked for two practices here in Leeton, there is a big shortage and this time he wasn't filling in for a doctor on leave but just giving the doctors here a breather. A new thing for us is the extra hospital work. Being on call for 24hours for the local hospital every couple of days. This is on top of the normal practice work, so it sure spices up his work day. Now if we hear an ambulance, Sander is in search of his car keys.

Sophie is starting to move around, although not always in the direction she wants. She is very pleased with herself so she learned how to clap her hands as well. ;-)

This photo was made in the NSW Rural Doctors Network, Newcastle office, a month ago.

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  1. pierre@lacomunidad.nlAugust 24, 2010

    Nice little family :) Cool te zien dat het goed met je/ jullie gaat gozer :)
    Ciao XXX Pierre

    ps: I train many arabs


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