Where normally the winter months get a little bit more quiet,
it didn’t happen this month...
Enjoying the very mild weather that is an Australian winter, which means being outside a lot. Soaking up the sun, instead of hiding in the shade.
Crisp nights and 20 degree days, with mostly blue and sunny skies. I love this time of year...
Going for an afternoon walk along the dam with the kids,
while convincing them it might be a little too cold to swim.
Mulching the veggie garden
Collecting horse manure for the strawberry plants.
 chocolate & pecan brioche
Player of the match, Alex is a bit of a loose cannon.
But coach him well and he’s an awesome little player, running his heart out.
Halfway, fixing up the stairs.
Celebrating the end of pecan harvest, at a friends organic pecan farm.
Mates, space and kayaks. A kids paradise...
Seeing my sister win gold at the World Cup.
Wanting to finish my quilt that I started last year. But I’m not satisfied how it’s coming together.
I have taken out the bits that I dislike and are slowly changing them over with fabrics I love.
And since there are so many beautiful fabrics, it might turn into a king size quilt after all...
My babies.
David learned to ride his peddle bike independently.
So proud of himself... You often find him outside practicing skids on the gravel on an early morning. The three degree mornings don’t seem to bother him (or his flannel pj’s)!
Truck parade,
noisy machines, right up their alley...
Loving how the gully turns yellow with wattle blossoms this year.
The first time we actually managed to catch it!
There are literally hundreds of wattle trees lining the gully. 
Hence we all calling it Wattle Lane.
Wattle trees are also awesome, when you have an itch you can’t reach...
I keep working with Laura, but we’re still not friends. Chester on the other hand has become a great friend. He has settled down, you see him plodding along in the paddock and wonder how he ever raced for a living. I’m keen to put the saddle on him this weekend. 
With Laura I’ll stick to groundwork a little longer.
Enjoying the setting sun at soccer training.
Work as treasurer and registrar has slowed right down, enabling me to actually see some of the training sessions these days...
Our club is organising an annual soccer tournament, flyers have been send out.
Last year we had 700 players.
With only 4 active members on the committee, I see a busy couple of months coming up...
Sophie is seeing stars.
Athletics carnival.
They all did well, but I was super proud of Sophie, giving the 800meters run a go.
Taking a break after a soccer morning.
Maple Pecans.
I’ve found myself a local supplier of nuts. Pecans are being the main ingredient in my Autumn Nuts granola. Customers like them so much that I’m now also selling them by themselves.
Selling like mad, just the perfect time of year for them.
Highly addictive...
Saturday afternoon reality.
Loving the new display at Blueberries Health Food Bar in Maclean.
Australia ends it’s financial year on the 30th of June, so I’m right in the middle of stocktake and changing over all my documents to a new year, for both businesses!
That also included a tally on the Second Chance Jar program, with $2.50 for every jar and $2 for every bottle sold being donated to the local Womens shelter.
Another $750 dollar for this year, making the total amount raised for this project $2100!

For this project, I also saw myself invited to have a little talk at the local Rotary Club.
With my laptop crashing, I had to totally wing it! But it worked out great, turns out I actually do quite well a public speaking. I did not see that one coming! The things you learn when you step out of your comfort zone...
I’ve now found myself invited to become a Rotary Club Member. I’m honoured, because they do so many great things locally and globally. Making a difference on a large scale.
Just not sure if this is the right timing for me, right now.
I’m going nuts. Woodford Island Nuts, putting local products in the spotlight.
Secretly, it’s all about providing me with new experiments.
Cinnamon roasted macadamias. An outback dukkah and lots of other savoury options are being experimented with. Yes, I love my job.
I’ve also decided to expand my granola business. 
Seeing where it’s going to take me, instead of always wondering. 
Two coffee vans have taken on the maple pecans. Two local health food stores, who had been showing interest before, approached me again after one of my other cafes closed.  I will be stocking the granola, curry paste and nuts from next week onwards.  Besides, 2Be Nourished will also use it in their kitchen, which is quite the compliment!
With a good friend now helping me with packaging, it has given me the option to take on more.
Nerissa is a great cook in her own right and knows her way around a commercial kitchen, we make great partners and it’s a lot more fun having company.
A weekend of salsa dancing.
Our usual lesson on Thursday and the Ay Pachanga concert and workshop this weekend.
It’s great fun to go on dancing dates with my hubby, I even “splurged” on a new dress. Seeing that I’m rather hopeless in the clothes department, that is quite an accomplishment...

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  1. So good to see your are making wonderful progress on all fronts. Very exciting Marijke to see your business ventures blossoming and leading to bigger things!


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