This week... Dutch weather...

Rain, lots of rain we had this week. We even managed to have our coldest day temperature of the year. Where Winter temperatures didn’t dip further then the occasional 19 degrees during the day. We had the fire going this Spring Saturday with a cold, miserable and windy 15 degrees outside!
But everything has greened up so spectacular, Washpool National Park was never prettier.
And the same for our doors...
And the garden is a true delight. I don’t think I’ve to have it this full, varied and thriving before.
I’m picking green asparagus in the morning with Tim, our secret, we aren’t sharing.
We have however put in 5 more plants hidden in the border, next to a dripper for when the other kids catch on.
We’re getting to the point that more and more of our salad fixings are picked fresh from the garden, including these cute little pansies. We’re growing a wide variety, little bits of happiness.
King Parrots, happy to chat. David seems to understand them well.
Picking up the parents from their camping trip. They had a great time, but the morning of pickup where met by a deluge of rain. We chucked everything in the car and managed to get of the camp ground again via the back roads. A special trip to our newest favourite coffee bar for a warm up.
With the new coffee machine at home, the standard has been raised, it’s getting harder and harder to get a decent cup of coffee anywhere... 
Making the most of a rainy playgroup day. We surprised everyone with hot chocolate, whipped cream, marshmallows and cookies.
Turns out the pool and the trampoline are even more fun when it’s pouring down rain.
It’s has been awesome to have family around, a couple of extra hands, company and a caterers dream.
Sander and I managed to sneak away a couple of times, salsa dancing, dinner, a movie date or just a simple walk without hang-ons.
Time to say goodbye again, with everyone a bit teary we set up a distraction to improve the mood.
Ice skating
And a bit more garden therapy, life is better with dirty hands,
those grapes are starting to look awesome.
 With a loyal guard dog, hoping for another walk. Those puppy eyes!
And zucchinis to find before they reach monster size.
Have a great week everyone.

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  1. A beautiful journal of events and places. Which spot at Washpool is the first photo taken? Were there any leaches?


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