The upside of (lots) rain: 
Green grass, happy roos, a jungle of a veggie garden, a full rainwater tank and dam.
Meteor rainbows...
Treasuring the warming sunlight.
Making risotto with Alex.
It does my heart well, when kids show interest in preparing food.
Puddles = piggies
and a bath
First day of pre-kinder for Alex. One day a week at “big school”.
 Rogue cattle
 Starcraft buddies
 Warming up with a bike ride after swimming in the waterholes.
 Pretty mornings
We have had many Cavendish bananas growing, now we’re anticipating our first Ladyfinger bananas!
This plant is loving the warm shower water.
Having pushed for a “Welcome!” party, after several goodbyes at my husband work, I ended up with a catering job for 30... It was a great success, happy families are so important.
But I had lots of leftovers, so I threw an impromptu party at Playgroup the next morning with pretty cupcakes, shortbread and brownies. 
Having done some inquiries the previous week, I found out we should be celebrating 40 years of Grafton Playgroup! Making the most of my role as coordinator... ;-) 
Catching up with friends.
Iluka Bluff Beach makes my heart sing. 
Snorkels and bodyboards
We started the Winter school holidays, what better place to celebrate then on the beach...

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  1. A beautiful photo presentation of our mostly-wonderful winters. We love Iluka Bluff too. :) Enjoyed a day visiting holidaying family at Minnie Water yesterday, lovely weather.


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