This week: Sickbay Central

A week of fevers for David, our little boy turned back into a baby koala that wanted to be carried all day and sleep close to you. We all had a week of extreme tiredness, tempers flared easily and countless bad nights interrupted with coughs and cries. He’s back to his own cheeky self, the older three back at (pre)school, now I got felled...
Enjoying a quiet day in and around bed today. Back to business tomorrow.
 With colder night and days a fact, the pool has been closed until further bravery.
 My heroes
Red Back Spider alert in the mowing shed.
Problem solved...
 Love seeing the first sun beams taking on the fog in the morning.
 Seeing my cousin in The Netherlands getting married, over an internet link.
Waving back!

Pizza night, baked on the fire pit!
(With a little help of a baking stone and a bbq lid.)
Kids making cubbies by moonlight
Colder nights = Pea & Ham Soup (erwtensoup for the Dutchies), back on the menu.
The real deal...
9 years of nappy changes are now behind me.
David in “big boy” undies!
Handy Man at work
A very successful day at the markets this Sunday.
Also a great way to catch up with my loyal customers and friends. Thanks guys!

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  1. A lovely round up of events at your place Marijke. I hope you are soon feeling much better. Wonderful that you were able to watch your cousin's wedding live! The wonders of technology!


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