Final weeks of Autumn

Rain, gorgeous rain. It is keeping everything so green, 
while most days, the skies are like paintings.
It’s good to see David monkeying around. He’s been catching so many bugs this season! We’ve had a rough couple of weeks. And of course the week where everyone was well, I did something to my neck and just could not move! Heavily medicated I slept most of the week away until bit by bit mobility returned, very glad to have that behind me now!
 My heroes
Soccer is on twice a week, Tim has such a great team this year, they’re still getting to know each other, but they’ll do awesome in the future, kudos for the coach.
 The downside of a good team, it makes for quiet games if you’re playing defence...
Mothers Day.
Making cupcakes with Sophie.
I’ve started a new quilt, just for me. I still feel a little indulgent about that...
For years I’ve been collecting pieces of fabrics that I love. The colours, patterns or just the feel of them. New or rags, large or small, all have been squirrelled away in a separate box. Last week I decided that there is enough for a quilt large enough to keep me warm with a good book.
I’m creating a quilt to corporate the eclectic mix of fabrics, while giving those with pretty patterns place to shine. It’s a quilt (and design!) as I go. No pretty symmetric design, no themes or colour. Just patching it all together, cutting rough strips and extending where needed to create enough length. The plans is to get all the finished blocks together with rails. I’ve got no idea how this is going to turn out, it’s looking rather chaotic at this phase, but I’m having fun...
 We had our first Full Moon Party, just a casual get together with friends at our place.
It turned out really well. I’ve been craving a bit more social time, babysitters are hard to find and take a lot of organising. This way the kids entertained each other, running around under a Full Moon, playing spotlight for hours (until a bag of marshmallows came out).
While the adults kicked back with a glass of wine, a potluck dinner and great company.
We’ve decided to make it a moonly event.
Another garden bed planted, more brassicas, herbs and peas. We’ve been harvesting lots of cabbages and broccoli. The peas are doing great, the cucumbers are finishing up, the tomatoes are growing rampant but haven’t turned red yet. While the zucchinis are becoming quite the glut crop.
 I still haven’t cooked any of eight different peas growing, the kids keep pinching them!
Our first crop with decent size broccolis, all off them eaten by now, but I’ve kept the plants in, hoping for broccolini offshoots...
 A present from Oma for Tim
Very pleased to see the sparkle back in Sophie’s eyes. The medication changes are panning out.

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