This week: water fun

Two little piggies found themselves a puddle.
Last weekend was a Tim's birthday bash.
From us, all Tim wanted for his 9th birthday, was playing Lastertag with his best mates.
All spending the night, in the tent, pillow fights, playing spotlight by a full moon, running off all those pizzas. The big stack of pancakes was gone just as quickly and off they went with their bikes, finding all the new tracks in the forest. Enjoying the beautiful sunny weekend in the pool.
So lucky to have such good mates, they bonded in kindergarten and are still going strong in year 4.
Sophie has her best friend living next door, they’re only two weeks apart! Her younger brother and Alex have a year between them, but are finally starting to find each other. So nice to have good mates, it’s even better when you can ride your bike to visit them.
 The rest of the week was wet, very wet. David loves going on Puddle Patrol.
 The rain is bringing up all these creepy crawlies. Going for a walk includes at least one bite by one of these bull ants (or bully ants as the kids call them), ouch!

Rain, lots of it. Grafton copped 145mm on Saturday alone. 
Flash flooding galore.
 The garden is loving all this rain. In love with my new, funky chilli plant.
 Sander’s weekend project: new stairs to match the front veranda. Such a skilled handy man.
We could have filled 10 rainwater tanks if we’ve had them... We’ve already had 300mm of rain this month.
 Like a kid in a candy store, adding little pockets of happiness to the garden.
 Doing a little repair and diverting work on the first spillway. We had lots of practice as kids, we grew up Dutch after all. Taking it to the next level with the next generation.
Baby quilt in progress.
Seeing all the waterholes filling up, the make such a beautiful picture. This week I got to spend a lot of time with the boys looking for all those noisy frogs and counting all the different kinds of dragonflies.
The cushions are machine washable, the frame not so much, spray just doesn’t work anymore ...
The carpet cleaner had his work cut out... A cream lounge, what were we thinking?!?!?
(in our defence, we bought it 11 years ago, before kids)
We’ve talked about replacing the carpets, but with the kids still so little...
A professional carpet clean has given us a couple more years to decide.
Pretty bug
Highlight of this week was seeing the dam fill. Having dinner on the deck with lake view...

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  1. Happy Birthday to Tim. New stairs are looking great. Smiling to think of the Dutch skills being passed on, erosion is a big issue with dams, we've used all sorts of approaches with our spillway.


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