Happiness is...

Slowly seeing the dam starting to fill. It has become the highlight on my walks.
The boys safe back home, after a flying trip to Sydney. 
Three Dutch passports sorted for the next 5 years.
2 nights in the city, making the most of it. 
Sea Life being the highlight of their trip.
 Tim turning 9
 Weather predictions, sweet anticipation...
 It might even take care of all of these cracks!
I love working side by side with my hubby in the garden.
The Dragon fruit looks much happier.
 Laura kisses...
We’ll be starting basic training next month.
Quite sore after spending the weekend sorting the garden, in preparation of a good rain.
So much weeds pulled, seeds sown, mulch carted, frames build and trees planted.
So much satisfaction...
 David’s favourite place on a hot day when not in the pool, the horses don’t seem to mind....
We have a huge bookcase.
Tim: ”Mum, I’ve got nothing to read! Can you please go to the library again, today?”
Another 20 books “eaten” by our bookworm.
When you let Sophie decide what we’ll have for dinner:
Blue Pasta... (2 drops of food colouring added to the boiling water made me mum of the year)
Little Miss is doing great on her new medication, a girl showing initiative, wanting to do things and go places.
Enjoying a cuppa on the deck, preferably after a walk, with a good friend.
Thinking of organising a monthly potluck dinner with some nice friends, a bottle of wine, space for kids to run. Would be fabulous with a full moon. Hmmm....
 Sander, making the deck a little less bouncy on the corners after just having finished a roll-in spot for the pool cleaning robot.
A baby quilt project, waiting for a rainy day...
In another months time, we’ll be welcoming another niece to the family.
Home, looking forward to many garden goodies this autumn.

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