Geodesic Chook Dome

Our chicken coop lasted almost 6 years, using Linda Woodrow’s design as described in the Permaculture Home Garden. It did it’s job very well and kept all the chooks safe from predators. But it went downhill the moment the kids started “helping” with collecting the eggs. They have to make it over the first two white rings to get inside. It started to sag, the chooks kept getting out, it got patched up numerous times, my seedlings too, until one of the banana trees crashed on top of it. The End.

This is the geodesic design. It still fits the existing circles of our mandala garden, but should be stronger. It also makes it easier to create a lower instep. We re-used the roost and the tarp.
 It’s another 38 degree day again, hence the open door and free ranging chooks.
Another month and the worst of the heat should start to subside, the chooks will move on to the next garden bed and this one will be ready for my Autumn planting. My fingers are getting itchy in anticipation!


  1. Oh inspirational. Our chooks need a better system and I want to begin gardening, have the kids on trampoline and intend on using it as a small garden but can't decide where to set up. I'd wanted to do it in the old septic area but David says we can't use there, so unenthused again

  2. You are an inspiration Marijke, an excellent set up - when you have the space as you do. :)


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