Watching grass grow is rather boring, especially when you’re going through a heatwave. 35 degrees is quite harsh on grass and bodies just getting out of Winter. Floating on the waves, like a pieces of driftwood, for hours on end was a much more relaxed way to deal with the heat. Oh how we love our beaches...
But back to growing, bananas are very entertaining to watch grow. A big flower opening petal after petal and divulging hand after hand of baby bananas that them start to fill our quickly. The top bananas are only a week old, that makes it a hand a day!
 The kids are already looking forward to eating the lot. I’ve been enquiring about another breed of banana plants for another spot. Our (fruit bats) kids easily go through 3 kilo’s of bananas a week!
I’ve been out in the garden a lot. Still tidying, but also planting heaps. The day the heatwave broke I was outside putting a couple more fruit trees and seedlings in.
The kids are still buzzing around the mulberry tree, where they pick a small bucket a day, to share amongst themselves. We’re making plans to take cuttings to be able to grow even more mulberries. One day I’ll might even have enough for mulberry jam...


  1. Reminds of my childhood. My father was a grew bananas for a living and we spent many hours helping out in the plantation and the packing shed. They are a fascinating grass. Are you aware you need a permit, even for one plant, to help prevent spread of Bunchy Top and other diseases? http://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/aboutus/news/all/2013/permits-to-plant-bananas
    Fresh mulberries are a real treat, and so is mulberry jam and stewed mulberries - spent may hours picking these as a child too. Looks like things are growing well at your place.

    1. I’ve bought 3 banana plants a couple of years ago from nursery, with a permit, this is the first time that they’re actually fruiting.
      I’m hoping to get some lady finger plants too.
      The mulberry tree started as a whiff of a things only 3 years ago, with cuttings we planted some more,
      from all the fruit trees we have, they sure fast and well on our very sad soil.

    2. That's good to hear. Your fruit and garden plans are inspirational.


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