This weekend

 Lazy mornings on the deck, it’s school holidays at the moment and the kids have been making the most of the beautiful sunny days, playing outside. Only to come back in to hunt up snacks.
While we are watching fungi grow, my little sister is going for her second big rowing tournament in a week. She came in second in The Ladies Trophy. Straight after after two-time Olympic Champion and six-time World Champion Ekaterina Karsten. Only to make into the finals again a couple of days later in the prestigious Henley Royal Regatta. She’ll be up against another World Champion and Olympic Gold medalist (Miroslava Knapkov√°). We’ll be biting nails again tonight. Go sis!
 I really love these country birthday parties.
 Playing games outside with friends, cake and running through paddocks and creeks to hunt up marshmallow sticks for the bonfire.
Little David, started walking last week, 7 steps and counting.
  But still happy being carried around in the sling.
Only a couple more days and he will be a birthday boy.
Going for a walk at Woopi (Woolgoolga Beach). 
Gotta love these beautiful, sunny, Winter days. Alex does...


  1. I've never been to Woolgoolga Beach - looks beautifully sunny and warm like so many other local spots. Your sister must be an amazing rower!

    1. We are so lucky with an abundance of beautiful beaches around, I’ve been ogling your pretty photo’s Karen, an inspiration to go out an about.
      Lisa is a very dedicated sportswoman, I’m very proud of her.


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