This week

This week was 14 kg of granola, 1 kg of dukkah, 2 kids with foot-and-mouths disease, 1 little sister at the European Rowing Championships, 1 enormous pile of weeds, 1 lazy Saturday morning breakfast, 1 morning in the clouds and countless of hours doing research on pricing, products, milling and bulk deliveries.
I keep playing around with recipes for our Saturday morning pancake breakfast.
This one was a hit: 1 tub (375gr) ricotta, 4 eggs, two tablespoons of (any) flour, 1 teaspoon of baking powder, pinch of salt, drip of vanilla paste, drops of maple syrup and enough almond meal to make a nice thick batter.
The green stuff is goats cheese with honey, lime juice and pistachios (all in the name of research)...
Foggy morning, walking in/on clouds
The granola business has taken off, I’m getting very nice feedback. This week I’ve introduced dukkah. Slowly roasted nuts and spices to spruce up many meals.
Or avocados...
Last weekend we visited friends on Tamborine Mountain. They just moved to their new home with a citrus grove and avocado orchard. We came home with a small bucket full of limes and avocados and they’re just about gone... Great to see the kids just spooning away.
This weekend I’m doing some much needed graden maintenance. Getting the fruit trees ready for winter and the garden beds ready to plant after a year of neglect.
Still managed to carry out a bucket of sweet potato, two wheelbarrows of pumpkins, a container of ginger and  enough capsicum and eggplants to cover three pizzas. I’m starting to look forward again to freshly grown peas, lettuce and carrots. And I’m upping the herb content for a business plan that is still simmering. The kids are playing outside with worms and grubs, the chooks are big fans of these games. Sander is under the house with a torch and plumbing supplies. Diverting grey water for more garden growth.
For a long, long week Alex had a bad case of foot-and-mouths disease, he was covered in weeping blisters. He looked absolutely hideous, feverish and miserable. David followed suit a couple off days later. Although miserable and sooky, he fared a lot better, the positives of antibody enriched breastmilk! Other then for essentials (books, nuts and school runs) we did not leave the house. They’re both back to their happy, energetic selfs. So am I.

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