Project bamboo: finished

 What a bit of furniture shuffling can do! The dining table is no longer squashed against a window. It now has it own little “room” with easy to mop up spills, did I mention I really don’t miss the carpet?!?!? A beautiful view of the valley and the rising sun in the morning. Nothing better to start the day with the morning sun bouncing around you.
Still no television, but the view on the bookcase is working its magic on the kids. 
With the North facing wall behind you there is lots of light to read, but filtered by trees and scrubs in Summer so it doesn’t get too hot. The toy box is behind the lounge so it stays better contained and less likely to tackle you.
The kids have their play areas with beautiful Winter sun pouring through. Close to the kitchen to keep an eye on our youngest.

We’re all very happy with our new bamboo floor, it’s a whole new house!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous!! Warm and inviting, love it!!!

  2. It looks wonderful, a beautiful fresh makeover, inviting one and all to sit and enjoy the sunshine.


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