Pirate Boat Cake

As far as our traditions go, the birthday cake is a big thing for our kids. Months in advance, the kids are planning the cake they want for their party. 
Tim wanted to stay with his pirate theme, but a boat this year. 
Horrible photo’s, I know. There was a bit of pressure... 16 hungry kids kind of pressure.
This project did not go as anticipated. I had a boat planned with a big hollow in the middle for treasure. Big enough to feed 25 kids and parents. 
But while assembling the pieces of cake into a boat, I had some little people on a mission. Sophie kept pinching the decorations, while Alex stood ready with a (dinner)knife to help himself to a piece. The plate with cake I had set out for him didn’t deter him the least... While trying to swat their little hands away the whole thing collapsed in a big heap. Tearing, crumbling, not to be rescued...
A big sigh, an: “everybody out!”. 
Then getting my au bain marie setup to melt a couple of bars of chocolate. Plan B. 
Stacking the layers on top of each other, glued in place with chocolate. Cutting a bow and bamboo skewer fortified nose. Slathered with melted chocolate and put in the fridge. Upon setting the chocolate held everything together and disguised all the lumps and bumps. Candles, sails, Lego figures and blue jelly (water, gelatine, sugar and food colouring) and we’re back on track. I sprinkled silver and pearl cachous and baby m&m’s for gems in between the layers, creating great delight for the kids upon finding”treasure”. 
No-one the wiser, (except you of course!), Tim thought it was the best cake ever. 
And that’s what counts.

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