Welcome back!

G’day! You’ve found me!

This is very scary, this changing of links. Hopefully it will work out in the end, instead of a sizzler.

From the start, I started writing this blog as a personal diary, to share photos, events, recipes and ideas with friends and family. But along the way, many other people around the world have started to follow me as well. And you’re very welcome to do so!
I surprised myself, where I had thought this blog might have fizzled out long ago, I’m still going!
I’m not a writer, or a person with a very adventurous life. Well, let me rephrase that, I’m a mother of four. My life is very adventurous, within the routines of childrearing and housekeeping that is... There is no boring day of my life!

But I do like to look into topics as research for this blog.

So maybe, please, my lovely readers, can I ask you a question?
What would you like to read more about on this blog?

Please use the comments function below, email me (amongstgumtrees@gmail.com),
or through Facebook.

Love to hear from you all.
x Marijke

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