Sunday Music

C.W. Stoneking has released his third album, Gon’Boogaloo.
And like with his previous albums, I’m sold! Gorgeous unpolished blues, perfect listing for a lazy Sunday morning, or any other time of day at that!

I first heard of him in 2008 when he brought out his second album, Jungle Blues. He did an interview on the national radio, I was entranced not only by his music, but also by his stories. What a character!
When I got home and googled him, to hear more of his music, to my greatest surprise the guy is a very fair, an Aussie from the Northern Territories. It’s almost weird hearing him and watching him at the same time. My brains just can’t seem to match it.
C.W. Stoneking brings out music under his own label. Please, please, only download what you have bought.

I feel so lucky, he is giving a concert here in Grafton on the 17th and 18th of February at the very intimate Pelican Playhouse.
Oh yes, we’re going, found ourselves a babysitter!

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