Baby quilt #3

My third baby quilt, this one will be for my sister Tineke & Frank, showed by David and my youngest sister, Lisa.
When I first started quilting three years ago I had all these wild ideas for quilts. A tree with birds and apples and little critters was topping the list. But I had never made a quilt before.I had been given a sewing machine, but no idea how to use it or where to start. So this became my first: Tim’s Quilt. When my sister asked for something natural, the first thought: The Tree.
 The owl fabric was bought three years ago with a tree in mind. The leaves are mostly leftovers from a quilt I did for my other sister: Jip’s Quilt.
 Some tree graffiti, the parents initials with a love heart…
 A baby butterfly. On the quilt I made for my parents: Paul & Margriet’s Quilt, I put four butterflies. One for every child, then smaller butterflies hovering by one of those bigger butterflies for every grandchild. I’ve send my mum a bag with butterflies to add for every grandchild. This will be grandchild number six…
 The laughing bird. Everyone can do with some kookaburras in their life.
 An apple for babies name, Adam.

Eyes in the hollow.
The hidden quilting is just to make sure that the wadding stays in place when washing, without making the whole quilt to fussy. If you look closely there is some grass and a sun too. 
The love of every gardener, a ladybird
“Made with Love, 
Aunty Marijke
2014 Australia”

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  1. I love all the little details you have added this quilt Marijke.


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