I’m still stuck in my cooking spree, the kitchen is doing overtime. It’s a good time the solar panels will be going onto the roof this week! 
I’ve been trialling some recipes from cook books using the traditional (artisan) baking methods. Like these Swiss Rye Raisin Rolls, letting the sourdough rise cool and slow, which increased the taste and texture of the dough, then baked on a baking stone. 
Served with some camembert, lettuce fresh from the garden and the delicious red onion-thyme relish I canned a couple of weeks ago, makes up a nice Sunday lunch.
Or these Italian-Style Brioche, they look like croissants, but are enriched with eggs and use the slow rise overnight. Making a very pretty and filling breakfast on this day off.
The traditional country style sourdough still makes up our daily bread. It is just about impossible to go back to supermarket bread, we’re so spoiled with the real deal!
We’ve invested in a good semi-professional stand mixer for the kitchen, making it super easy to whisk up some dough for Mediterranean Pitta Bread to fill with harvest sauce, mozzarella and basil for lunch. Or some naan to accompany a curry, Turkish bread as a side for soups or some Crispy Rosemary Flatbread to go with a stew.

The trick is to double the batches, make some for now and the rest for the freezer to grab during weekdays. Same goes for curries, sauces, stock, stews and soups. I make a big batch when I have the time, on the moments I don’t, I can just dig up something in the freezer or canned in the pantry.

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