Getting grubby outside

What beautiful rain we’ve had, at least 150mm in the last week! 
The rainwater tank is full again, the ground thoroughly soaked, you can just about hear the trees and plants sighing in content while the frogs haven’t stopped singing.
On Friday afternoon the sun came out again, taking the temperature back to 31 degrees, can you hear that? It’s grass growing… 
With all that green- and happiness, what better place to be then outside. 
All weekend we’ve been “playing” in the garden. The veggie garden is filling up further every the day. I’m currently working on a Candy Corridor, just snack on snow peas, strawberries and little tomatoes on your way into the garden, followed by the Fields of lettuce and spinach. Things like beetroot, cabbage, carrots, garlic, broccoli,… that need a bit longer to mature are growing more in the middle. While flowers to feed the bees and small fruit trees are growing the border. It’s really starting to take shape and hopefully will keep us supplied over the next couple of months. With giggling kids as a sound in the background, this song keeps me company in my head. Be warned it’s an earworm ((Dictionary link)!
Dirtgirlworld is a local production that get’s broadcast all over the world. It’s a fun program to inspire kids to go and play outside… and get grubby. While they get taught about growing veggies, recycling and bugs. Still no television in our house, but the kids sometimes watch it on the laptop on a rainy day. That is, if they’re not doing their favourite game: a rain dance, jumping and splashing around in the rain, in the nude of course!

Last night was Earth Hour, our lights were out at 8:30, but to be honest after a full day outside, all were so tired that we were all in bed!


  1. Do you have any problems with possums and wallabies? They love our veggies.

  2. Hi Marion! The wallabies come in occasionally but favour mostly the sweet potato vines and a weed that grows in the border, I haven’t seen them eat anything else. The possum prefers our deck, looking for scraps the kids have dropped. The only nuisance are the king parrots, they love my Candy Corridors… The trick is to have that much growing they can hardly make a dent in them… ;-)

  3. That is very true but I have 4 young adults/teenagers so everything and anything gets devoured quickly here. Between kids and possums we hardly begin to keep them fed. Keep up the blog. I really enjoy it. My mum is Dutch so I relate to many of your posts.

  4. Kids can sure eat, they keep surprising me, where do they put it!!! And fruit and veg are very expensive in Oz, $7 for a pun net of mini roma tomatoes! So whatever you can grow yourself is a bonus. I’ll be hopefully picking those little tomatoes by the bowl, every day, for the next couple of months, keeps preschool supplied as well. Lettuce, spinach, herbs, peas and snaps are very expensive as well, but grow very easy with little maintenance. Those are the things I’ll focus on, sure puts a smile on your face if you then see them sold in the shops… $1.39 for 1 passionfruit. Whahahahaha!


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