A Wall of Passion

Gardening on our plot has a lot of advantages: gentle slope, subtropical climate, no frost or flooding. The disadvantage on living on the top of a ridge is that the soil is very poor and that beautiful breeze that can turn into a blowdryer on hot days. The evaporation it brings along is shocking. On the top of the border of the veggie garden I have been trying to grow many different plants to create a bit of a wind filter. To keep the veggie garden a bit more sheltered. The lilly pilly is great and might give enough berries for some nice tart jam in another year. The rosemary is good too, two years worth of Xmas decorations… The grape vines never did well, still alive, they might take off later, don’t like the wind probably. But the best of all is a tiny cut-off of passion fruit I planted last year. Even with the dry weather and stinking hot days we’ve had, it has become a wall!
We keep adding steel pickets as it grows, the bamboo stakes just can’t bear the weight. Of course the pumpkin has invited itself to the party, growing in the top, just can’t help itself…
So far the king parrots haven’t shown an interest, the tennis ball size fruit might be a bit too big for them. The kids on the other hand make it their first stop after school.

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  1. We are loving our passionfruit too! So much fruit!


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