So, we're going camping for a week, 4 adults and three kids (including a seven month old baby).
A bush camping: cold water showers, compostable toilets, no electricity, nothing fancy but beautiful scenery and the most amazing walking tracks. I'm all for it.
Closest town is 45min, over a small snaking mountain road. Not worried.
The downside, we won't have a fridge, daytime temperature is around 33 degrees. Other then a basic gas stove and some pots and pans, we'll have to wing it.

I find myself a passable cook, but I'm a little lost here without a fridge to keep things cool, an oven to bake and a garden for fresh produce.

With long-life milk, breakfast should be okay with porridge, muesli and pancakes.
A loaf of bread, fritters, tortilla's, corn cakes and baked beans we should make it through lunch.
But dinner will be a challenge.

Any fridge-free camping meal ideas you would like to share?


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