Recipe #3 - Pasta & pesto

Pasta & Pesto is one of those recipes is without a doubt the quickest and easiest recipe in my cooking repertoire. Boil up your pasta following package instructions, drain and add a couple of table spoons of pesto. Done. You could add some broccoli to the boiling pasta for even more greens.
But before you head to the supermarket to buy a jar of the stuff, make your own and be in for a real treat.
There is a heaps of basil growing in the garden, easy to grow even in pots, good companion plant on and of your plate with tomatoes. I've a couple of very tough basil bush varieties that survive our harshest of Summer and Winter, also a softer Genovese Basil which dies of before Winter, chances are they will self sow and pop of up again next Summer. They are a pretty plant, I often use the flower spikes in flower arrangements.
I could find the basil in my garden with my eyes closed, just follow the buzzing of the bees, they love the stuff. And with the collapse of the honey bee population (link) the little fellas can use some help.
Pesto is very easy to make, the way I make it:
Two hands of basil leaves and if you have it add a hand of rocket and half a hand of parsley leaves, otherwise substitute with more basil. Wash and dry and put in the kitchen machine, add a chunk of parmesan cheese, two small cloves of garlic, a good glug of olive oil and a big hand of toasted nuts (pine nuts would be the most authentic, I use macadamia's). Add ground pepper and a little salt and whizz the lot until you got a nice chunky paste. Spoon into jars, a small layer of olive oil on top with make it keep its colour.
Pesto will keep in the fridge for several weeks.
Bread and pesto for an afternoon snack.
Turkish bread with pesto, roasted veggies and spinach for lunch

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