I do no longer watch the news, haven’t for the last 6 years. And other then glance the local rag with harmless “town gossip” I’ve stopped reading the newspaper. I turn down the radio when the news comes on: another shooting, political squabble or overdosed celebrity, I find it depressing. Lots of negative energy that you absorb time and again, which leaves you feeling useless to change it. News is so dramatised in order to sell it, when was the last time you saw any positive news? And I find it misleading, you are offered the opinion of a network as the truth and only see what they find important. Other then feeling gloomy how much do you really remember of the next day? There is an interesting article about news junkies: Avoid News

I do read, heaps of it, feel like a sponge. Books, blogs, magazines about many subjects I feel passionate about and go beyond entertainment. It makes me think, leaves me informed and maybe even a little content, positive energy goes a long way.

Not wanting to become completely alienated from my surrounding I’ve started reading posts on this website: The Global Mail. Interesting articles with thorough research which brings the story beyond the screaming headlines.

Making up my own opinions. What are yours?

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