From all the big cities I've seen in the world, I must say Sydney is my favourite, but then I haven't been in Melbourne yet... :-)
Tim loved Sydney, trains and motorbikes everywhere you looked. Sophie being her happy self wherever she is. Sander had his coffee fix and I a decent haircut.

Today we took the train, with all our luggage, to Newcastle. A friendly three hours and a very happy Timmie.
Tomorrow the first day of the introduction. We'll also hope to pick up the car.

The kids have been great, all the packing, flights, metro and train rides. It doesn't seem to do them very much. We put up their beds wherever we're staying that night and the kids are asleep within 5min. During the day, Sophie is carried in de sling most of the time and she dozes off whenever she gets tired.
Craziest thing of all. In the hectic days prior to our move, Tim got himself toilet trained. He manages to climb on the toilet all by himself and does his wees and poos there. And now he does the same wherever we go, only needs help to undo his pants. He can do the same climbing trick in hotels, restaurants, malls and even the train. I'm such a proud mamma.

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