Leaving Sarina, QLD

Sander has his last day at Sarina Clinic on the 12th of July. The removalists are coming on the 14th. We will be flying to Sydney on the 15th. It is really happening now!

Sander will have his introduction in Newcastle in the week of the 19th.
On the 26th we're expected in Leeton where we start with the first placement for NSW Rural Doctors Network - Locum service (NL= huisartsen waarnemer). We will stay in Leeton for 5 weeks. After that we'll work our way up to the North of NSW, where Sander will be stationed for at least the next 6 months. (The area North NSW is approx. 600x800km)
Accomodation will be organized for all four of us everywhere we're send to.

We're very much looking forward to our new adventure!

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