Ice cream

We had a craving for ice cream last Saturday morning. In Townsville they sell decent ice cream, so on the spur of the moment we decide to go there. Within 20min. the car is packed, a hotel is booked and all the animals are taken care of. We break the 450km drive with a lunch in Bowen and have that delicious ice cream on The Strand. It was very worth the drive. So we have another one the next day to last us on the trip back home.

Such a drive only for ice cream, hormones? Not really, we just needed to get out of the house a bit. My hormones are pretty levelled with all the tomatoes and bananas I eat (rich in potassium/kalium).
Townsville is a nice city with the famous "The Strand". This boulevard has lots of fantastic restaurants, public pools, a water park, play grounds and fancy hotels with sea views. We enjoyed all of the above.

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