Riding it out

Sander is finally getting fit enough that he can make it through the day without naps, his strength is still lacking, but he’s adamant to go back to work tomorrow. 
At least he’s eating again, has some white blood cells back in his body and can walk again without help. 

The kids all had their first soccer games, they had a ball!
Alex scored his first goal and was high fiving his way around the field. David was a little overwhelmed but did great for most of the session, Sophie a little late (me being frazzeled with other stuff) and Tim did great on a bigger field. 
Photo’s, uhm no... 
Maybe more luck next week, although it looks like we have one starting at 8:30, then the other 3 at 9:30, in three different locations! With Maclean being the furthest to travel (60km). 
Better set up some carpooling... 

At least we have everyone signed up, and 95% of the fees sorted, it's been another big week with spending at least 20 hours processing registrations, money and vouchers. 
I’m having great fun with it, things you enjoy give you energy. And I’m making sure there is some fun down time in the mix. Craft mornings with friends are great for the soul...
This week I'll have to park the soccer stuff and spend my focus and energy on my granola, with the school holidays coming up next week, I have to triple my work load to be able to still meet orders for those weeks. 
One more week, Woody Head is calling...
Seeing our first koala, on our ridge!
Very shy and I didn’t wanted to spook little fella, so no close-ups. It’s great to see them around!
The kids all get to choose their chores for the month, they keep surprising me with the jobs they like to take on. Besides their own responsibilities (school bags, cleaning their own rooms, sport bags,...), they all have to pitch in, with jobs that suit their age.
Our Easter walk, although delayed, was still a great success. The older three are now clued in the fact that you can make magic happen. Leaving little eggs to find for each other.
David was shaking trees wherever he went, when you do, little chocolate eggs fall out (with some brilliant throwing arches from Tim).
 and other little surprises....
 Pizza Party.
with a view...
Midweek walk through the forest to clear the head and cool down in the dam.
Nurse Sophie will look after you when you feel a little off.
End-of-terminitus is real...
Spiderwebs in the mist...

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  1. Taken Sander so long to get well!!!
    Do love reading your updates, inspiring


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