Do you think Alex likes his new quilt Oma Evelien made him?

Sander developed a very high fever on his second day home from Thailand. On the 4th day of fevers we made it to the hospital, to rule out malaria (he was in a low risk area) and to to hook him up on some much needed fluids. Blood work came back, it’s off, but luckily clear of malaria.
Although still very weak, thankfully he’s on the mend now.
Our first Amongst Friends, Gum Trees and a Full Moon 
get-together of the year. 
With Sander still out of action, 
our kids all offered to pitch in so they could still have their night with friends.

It was a lovely evening, a cloudless sky and a beautiful and very bright moon, which gave enough light for the kids to ride their bikes, run around, wrestle on the trampoline and play hide-and-seek in the shadows.
Easter egg hunt for little boys in training for Thailand...

Working in two teams,
each team gets to hide eggs on one side of the house,
then they swop sides to find them, but get to give each other clues...

Halfway through the weekend I managed to stake my foot on a branch while Tim clocked out with a mild fever,
Our Easter walk has been postponed until further healing.
Playing in the sandpit, made with leftover tiling sand...
Making the most of the last warm days.
Enjoying the butterflies
 A friendly horse
Trying to tempt someones appetite,
baking fresh, egg enriched, bread

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