April flew by in a flash with many busy days.
Work is booming, the kids very active with (after) school activities and the end of school term 1.
The athletics presentation on Friday evening and thus finalising the Summer sport season. The following morning: the first soccer game of the Winter season. For me it was the pinnacle of 4 months of organising and registrations, clocking often 15 hours a week. My work as a registrar is done for this season, I’ve decided that this will be my last year on the committee for the soccer club, it’s just too many hours and too much stress on top of my already busy days. I’ll be doing registrations for the athletics club instead and are still helping out with he breakfast club and P&F committee at school.
Alex got his yellow belt in aikido, he’s so very proud of himself.
Taking on new stockists, including this deli in Yamba.
Rrrrrrripping out the 35 year old carpets. I’m loving the spotted gum floors in our bedroom.
Making the most of the rain predictions: planting time!
Choosing to change my kitchen garden to more permanent plants and adding the last trees to my orchard: persimmon and tangelo.
Rosella, a pretty hibiscus flower that turns into fruit that makes awesome jams and sauces.
I had been asked to do a foodie workshop for a special council event. 
We decided on smoothies and had a great time whizzing them up.
With 3 basic smoothie recipes, all favourites with our kids
with an large variety optional of extra toppers
and other stir-ins to personalise and boost up that smoothie.
Autumn has arrived well and truely now. We celebrate it with maple roasted pecans 
and Autumn granola back on the menu...
Easter baking
A very Good Friday, taking the kids and the dog for a run in the between the showers.
The Clarence Valley compromises over 10.000 square kilometres with a multitude of rivers and creeks. With the Pacific Ocean to the East and the Great Dividing Range to the West. Besides the sprinkling of small towns, most of this farming land. Needless to say, we still have a lot more exploring to do, we drove one of the 4 drives recommended by the tourist information, which is about 200km long. Totally amazing, such an eyeopener to see how close we still are to our pioneers history.
Chilling out at Cangai Creek
Sunday morning exploring on horseback. Our own little creek in the backyard is rather dry at the moment, even with the bit of rain we’ve had over the last couple of weeks, the waterholes are still dry. The horses are very pleased with the green grass though!
My little chatter bird in the mulberry tree, keeping me company while planting the garden.
Easter breakfast,
I love this crazy bunch.
I’ve started again with riding lessons. This my “riding arena” at the front of the house. 
Anzac parade, with Tim in the drum band this year.
Full Moon get-together. A paddle and swim in the dam, great food, playing spotlight with a rising moon and roasting marshmallows for dessert. Our kids love these evenings.

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  1. Sounds like it is indeed time for you to hang up your soccer committee hat.
    Lots of horse riding :-) and love your new floors.


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