This week: Autumn Holidays

The last week of the Autumn Holidays, (the eldest two went back to school again today), they made the most of it. Involving many playovers.
(Can you spot them with their bikes?)

With the weather so sublime, they were to be found outside.
And collecting sticks for the evening fire pit session.
Getting orders ready for Mothers Day.
And with only a week to go until the Valley Made Markets, the pressure is on!
School is back, so are the extracurricular activities.
David’s first “big boy” swimming lesson. No more sing-a-long baby swimming lessons!
I love that huge grin!
 Finishing touches on a table runner
Trying to keep up with her brothers. So tired all the time, working out if the epilepsy or medications are to blame.
Doing some maintenance under the watchful eye of our puppy.

Making power smoothies with the boys,
they’re now ready to rule the world...


Lotte’s Baby Quilt

This is my new niece, Lotte, my sisters second child. 
My sister Janneke lives in Belgium. Since I can’t be there to give my new niece a cuddle, I’ve send her a little quilt instead, made with love and wishes.
 Colourful, suitable for a girl were the instructions.
I’ve made it as a strip quilt, using a quilt-as-you-go technique.
This type as quilt is often done as a jelly-roll quilt. But I don’t like pre-cut and matched up fabrics.

Instead I’ve used fabrics that have meaning for me or my sister. Using fabrics I’ve bought for the occasion. Like the Bambi fabric (my sister loved this movie) and the little bicycles for the Dutch connection. The baking fabric, for what we both love to do.
Teamed up with scraps from quilts I’ve made before, giving them a family connection.
Using the last scrap of fairy fabric that Sophie loves so much, the Miffy/Nijntje fabric, a leftover from my other sisters sewing project. The green that her big brother, Jip, has in his quilt. The flowers that her niece Vera has in her quilt. The white daisies from my parents quilt. The purples from Sophie’s quilt. And more greens from her nephews quilts.
 The binding is my sisters favourite colour.
“ For Lotte. Made with Love, Auntie Marijke, Australia 2017.”
The result is an eclectic mess mix of fabrics. One that will feel like a warm hug, for sweet dreams and fabrics that will inspire her to explore.


Project Fire Pit

Our old view from the deck, with an old fireplace that didn’t get used,
(other then climbing).
But things happen when you put your mind to it.
 A neighbour had a pile of bush rocks laying about and was happy to drop them off.
A bit of puzzling.
 Pinching the grill from the old barbecue.
I love this big rock at the front, lovely to sit on while cooking.
 Cooking time!
With the grill tray gone, the old barbecue now gets used as a seat...
A campfire by evening.
“Mama, where are the marshmallows?"




Our Easter this year was kept simple, there was still much washing and packing away to do after a week of camping!

Our Easter Sunday ritual, is a walk through the forrest.
The kids know that the paths are magical this time of year, the path will be littered with little chocolate eggs and they often come falling out of the trees upon shaking them!
 But it does brings on some sugar induced meltdowns for easter bunnies...
 Easter breakfast.
On Easter Monday the older two asked if they could hide some of the eggs for the younger two.
They had great fun finding creative places to hide them.
 While the younger two loved the hunt!
With some little hints and help from the older two.
We did have a couple of good, cleansing Easter fires.
On Saturday, a big branch, the size of a small tree, had fallen on the fence. 
A massive crash, no-one got hurt, but I do now get why they call these trees widow-makers! 
The new fence held but needs a new wire at the top. The chainsaw came out and we now have even more fire wood!
An Easter breakfast with a little fire, a smooching horse and a rising sun.
The smaller branches of the fallen tree, the old front veranda and old fence posts burned away.
A second fire for morning tea.
All pruning waste from the garden and lots of branches littering the second paddock also gone.
Hard work, but very satisfying.


Camping snapshots

Our Autumn holiday tradition: camping in Woody Head, to meet up with friends, our 6th year!
For a week, life is simple. Most days are like:
Getting a take-away coffee to drink in Iluka, kids can run and play in the playground, while we can have our cuppa in peace.
 Bodyboarding at the beach
 Staring down waves (Alex).

 It isn’t a proper holiday without ice-cream.

Or a good book, Tim has gotten hooked on “The Famous Five”.
 Making new friends
Cooking dinner on the fire. I love my new camp oven (cast iron pan with lid), it has opened up the conversation about a fire pit at our place wide open again...
 Roasting a marshmallow for dessert.
 Going for a walk after dinner
 Visiting “The whale”
And watching the beautiful sunsets.

Lots of water play
 Hanging out at the Yamba farmers markets
 Going for a walk with my monkey.
Beach trips, spending hours chasing waves.
Alternated with warming up in the sun.
Lots of rock hopping.
 “The babies” are keeping everyone on their toes.
Best friends, looking forward to our meet next year!
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