Starting School

Alex started school this morning. 
Cool as a cucumber, he lined up and followed his teacher in.
Leaving me and David, not in tears, but still a bit unsettled. 
No doubt, Alex is so ready for the next step in his education. He’ll thrive on the mental stimulation.
But I keep thinking of how little Alex was (9 pounds, but still), 3 days old and being lugged around in the sling, when Tim started his first day at kindergarten. 
Only to be taking those steps himself today.
David misses his little big brother, but also loves the special one-on-one time with me.
With Alex now at big school, David was very keen to start preschool, he had his first day last week.
Alex proudly showed him around and introduced him to all the teachers.
He had a great time and loves the play based program.

And before you tell me that I won’t know what to do with myself this year.
Believe me, I will!
Between my granola, kids activities, soccer club, playgroup, craft group, a household to run, sports and a horse to train, I’ll have plenty on my hands.

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